Doctors’ ”Big Mistake” causes Millions to Get Fat... And Die!
From the Desk of Dr. Waytt Keaton

Dear Friend:

This is not an easy letter to write. What I have to say is shocking. But the truth must be told.

For years, doctors ignored the real cause of almost every chronic ailment, turned a blind eye to the suffering of millions of Americans.
Now we’re all paying a big price for this omission. Millions are sick and many have already died!

Visit your doctor about a digestive problem –- gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation

-- and your symptoms are often treated with kid gloves. “He’ll most likely tell you...“Go home, drink some of that ‘pink liquid’ and everything will be fine.”

But it’s not.

And everywhere, people are getting sicker and sicker. Now, hospitals are overflowing and it’s shortening a lot of people’s lives. Want proof?...

The U.S. now ranks #42 in life expectancy... below evenJordan and Malta! So what the heck is going on?

Finally, at a recent conference at Yale Medical School, doctors made a bombshell admission:

Everything we told you about treating digestive disorders is WRONG!

In fact, 61 scientific studies confirmed a startling fact: Even if you have mild digestive problems... you’re probably suffering from SERIOUS conditions, too.
And that includes painful joints, heart problems, breathing disorders, itchy, blotchy skin, urinary pain, bad breath, painful headaches and wild mood swings, yeast problems, colds and flu, and much more!

But now there is INCREDIBLE NEWS

in the battle for good health. Scientists have formulated medicine’s first ‘magic bullet.’

It’s called Care4Colon and it can quite literally wipe out just about every chronic illness known to mankind.

It’s exactly what the whole world has been praying for. And it just might save your life.


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11 Ways Care4Colon Restores Your Health

  1. Supports normal digestion and absorption of vital nutrients

  2. Helps build a healthy immune function

  3. Relieves all your digestive problems

  4. Maintains normal yeast levels

  5. Promotes a healthy intestinal lining

  6. Better resistance to colds and flu

  1. Allergies vanish

  2. Maintains strong mucosal barrier

  3. Feel more energized and more alive

  4. Smaller medical bills

  5. Fewer doctor visits

“We were losing the war against chronic illness... UNTIL NOW!”

Americans are sicker than ever. Hospital beds are in scarce supply. U.S. life expectancy now ranks at a mind-numbing #42 -- just above Bosnia and below Jordan, Spain, Austria, Greece, and Malta!

Thanks to exhaustive research, doctors discovered the root was literally right under our noses –- in the colon.

It turns out that 60% of our immune cells are in our colon. But our colons are clogged up with as much as 15 pounds of toxic fecal waste. And it’s leaking into our bloodstream, wreaking havoc on our health.

Along with digestive problems like gas, bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux and abdominal pain, you experience frequent colds and flu, hay fever, sinus attacks, acne, eye and ear infections, breathing difficulties, joint pain, and even heart problems.

Ordinary colon cleansers won’t do the trick. Probiotics alone are not the answer. So researchers developed Care4Colon -- a unique proprietary formula of a super colon cleanse PLUS a synergistic super-strain of probiotics.

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Don’t Ask... They Won’t Tell Why
70% of Doctors Know NOTHING About Probiotics?

Most digestive problems like gas, bloating, constipation, acid reflux and diarrhea are considered ‘minor’ problems. Doctors see them as an ‘annoyance’ not a sign of a more serious problem.
They are flooded almost every day with sales pitches by drug company sales people who hand out free samples of over-the-counter antacids and laxatives as well as literature on the more risky prescription drugs.

It’s no wonder why doctors don’t have a clue about the real, natural solution to all your chronic conditions. The evidence is mounting day by day. But you can’t wait. You must act now. It’s time to flush out the bad bacteria and rush in the good flora.

Don’t Get Fooled: Most Probiotics Are delivered


When something gets hot, everybody jumps in to try to profit from it. It’s the same for probiotics. There’s good and there’s not so good.

In newspapers like the NY Times, on network television, and in medical journals, probiotics are touted as a “therapeutic wonder” when prescribed for disorders like diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, allergies, immune system problems, and skin rashes.

But –- and this is a big BUT -- you have to be extremely careful with probiotics. That’s why most of them have an enteric coating. It’s there to protect the cells from your stomach acid.

But it turns out the very coating that’s supposed to protect your cells is applied with heat -– and that heat kills most of the cells before you even take the probiotics.

The same thing goes for yogurt. Most of the ones on the market are pasteurized and that kills the bacteria that make it so beneficial in the first place. Either way, those probiotics are D.O.A

Care4Colon is different. It contains only acid-resistant cultures that ensure its viability to restore your digestive balance and puts you on the road to robust good health.

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Doctors Breathe a Huge Sigh of Relief...


Ingredients in Care4Colon are so powerful, so effective they are supported by:

Yale School of Medicine

The key to digestive health is maintaining a balance between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ bacteria in the colon.”

Harvard Medical School

Good’ bacteria can be used as medicinal therapy and have beneficial effects on mucosal barrier dysfunctions, including diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, and allergy.”

The Mayo Clinic

“Probiotics seem to change how your immune system reacts to an invading organism and whether your digestive tract becomes inflamed as a result.”

John Hopkins

‘Friendly’ bacteria called probiotics can safely treat a variety of digestive disorders, including ulcerative colitis and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

61 separate scientific studies cited how to administer probiotics to patients suffering from intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea, and for diarrhea caused by antibiotics. The findings appeared in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology.


Why Those "PINK" Antacids

DON’T Work

If you’re like most people, when indigestion, constipation or diarrhea hit, you reach for the pink stuff.

But in a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, 35-41% of patients who took antacids continued to suffer daily symptoms.

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  5. 100% safe & all-natural

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